The fine print wasn’t worth reading on this credit card offer

This is an advertisement for a new gas rebate card from ConocoPhillips:

At $4.00 a gallon, you’d get a 40 cent rebate on each gallon. So far, so good. Unfortunately, your rebates are capped at $35, so there’s no rebate for you after you’ve pumped roughly 88 gallons into your tank. For the average SUV driving American, that means you’ll fill up your tank three, maybe four, times before your rebate disappeared. And if you decide to ride your bike to work four days a week to conserve gas, you’re out of luck – the rebate period only lasts 90 days.

But yeehaw – you’ll have a new credit card you can jack to the limit before you file bankruptcy!

NOTE: This offer is made especially for you by the fine folks at Citibank, who I hear are getting some sort of bailout.

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