Fly Fishing Tip #1682: Have Plenty of Excuses

Yesterday the catch was a grand total seven fish between three people – to add insult to injury the largest was a foul hooked tandem streamer victim that couldn’t be included in the count. Thankfully, however, we follow tip #1682 around here – included are:

  • Got up too early
  • Truck stop didn’t have enough Krispy Kremes for everyone
  • Snagged all nymphs in the first five casts
  • 50 knot winds
  • Eggs were the wrong color
  • Alert from watch’s fishing calculator said “NO FISH”
  • Flows cut 20% the day before
  • Cold feet and lower legs made stepping on sinking line all too easy
  • Fish kept snapping 3X tippet
  • Moon set at 2pm
  • Numb hands made tying blood knots impossible
  • Forgot the scotch
  • Seeking additional excuses to add to the arsenal.

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