The power of determination when it comes to carp

 A fishing buddy had been trying to figure out carp for about a week – he bought a faster action 6-weight mid-last week, and a big net just yesterday.  He’s been buried in research, and inquiring at every fly shop he could.

Today, my phone started ringing off the hook around 8am.  I was on the other line and couldn’t answer, but knew Jon had the morning off.  Then this picture hit my Blackberry…


He doesn’t have a blog, so I’m doing the congratulations.  Quite the pig I must say.

UPDATE: I’d always wondered how folks taking photos of their carp set up the pics so nicely.  I figured get that fish back in the water before it dies!  A little research of my own found the answer – as it turns out, carp can live under the most extreme circumstances, including severely oxygen depleted environments.  In other words, they can hold their breath for extraordinarily long periods of time, and can even produce alcohols and tranquilizers internally that both provide energy and reduce pain when they’re under stress.  Jon told me that after several minutes out of water, this fish needed no reviving whatsoever – it rolled off the rocks itself and took off like nothing had happened.  Talk about determination – carp are damn tough critters!

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