A fish is but dinner, until it’s a gamefish

Two species, two initiatives.


You need a permit to catch one too, but those who don’t have one on fly yet (i.e. some half-baked fly fisherman like…uh…me?) might want to ensure there are still a few around. Nets don’t help matters, nor does the purported taste of Mr. Permit. The Bonefish and Tarpon Trust is looking for a triumvirate, and they need your support to get schools of permit out of the sights of commercial fishing. Adopt-A-Permit today, or at least sign the darn petition (a frustrated fly angler will love you for it!).

(h/t Moldy Chum)


Striped bass, rockfish, whatever…your’s truly has picked up a few of these babies off the Cape on sand eels and such. They’re tasty and I eat ’em, just not in restaurants. They are tough critters, having survived years of ups and downs from Chesapeake Bay to Portland, Maine. But they deserve to thrive, and their native habitat being in close proximity to huge populations of hungry humans means they need a helping hand. Stripers Forever is leading the charge to make them a gamefish. Crash some bait here.

(h/t Fishing Jones)

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