Blackberry lost me (UPDATED)

It doesn’t mean I’ll never go back, but they’ve lost me for now. While I enjoyed using the Curve, the poor Mac support (for sync-ing and file exchange) combined with what might be the most overlooked security issue from an otherwise highly regarded system I’ve seen in a while (notwithstanding Microsoft Windows), forced a switch.

I’m back to the Nokia S60 platform, with a 6650. It’s roughly the same weight as a Curve, but with a measurably smaller feel in the pocket. And while AT&T has cavorted with Nokia to wrap in as many proprietary features as possible, the fact that there are still plenty of folks hacking Symbian means I’ve been able to find work-arounds or substitute applications for most anything I disliked.

I’m not missing the constant email pings, and I hope I’m providing more thoughtful responses from the desktop too. Yea, I feel a little out of place sans a qwerty keyboard, but my thumbs will adjust – the Blackberry’s phone reception (you know, the ‘talking’ function) was also great, but the Nokia’s just as. Additionally, AT&T customer service was superb throughout the move.

UPDATE: Not a bad move after all (at least if I want reception) – the 6650 is 3G.

UPDATE 2: Kara Swisher says goodbye too (although I’m unimpressed by the justification for all the iFarts).


Cael says:

Just bought a 6650 from AT&T and am trying to get it to sync with my Mac. No dice on official sites. I see two options, Nova Media’s conduit for iSync, and Mark/Space’s program. Thanks Michael for the tip on Nova Media; good ratings there.

I like the Mark/Space possibility as it appears to also let you ID iTunes files as well and sync them too. Anybody with clues on how well it works? Mark/Space’s site only identifies the 6650 and doesn’t say if it’s the folding flippy one or not.

I used their stuff several years ago on a Ti Mac with a Palm device, I seem to remember it working well.

My 6650 seems to work well. Some minor Bluetooth issues and the GPS doesn’t seem to want to identify some major highways in S. California. Had an issue with the SD card slot on the phone and AT&T had to replace the first one. Looks good now.

Cheers all….

Cael – try here:

I got the NovaMedia plugin to work with little effort. Just watch your syncing with iCal. I was syncing to Entourage, and have seen some problems with older calendar items as well as recurring items like birthdays.

But – have had no problems with bluetooth. And, if you have ATT, download the Nokia Maps software from here:

They still don’t have resident memory maps straightened out (due to an unsupported media transfer plugin), but it gives you access to GPS functionality without paying for ATT data!


BBManiac says:

Don’t let the door hitchya on the way out!

No worries there, Maniac. It’s been at least seven months, and still no smack on the ass.

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