Dumping TV When Programming Gets Boring

Dumping entertainment resources like satellite TV is becoming a trend in these tough economic times. But is there more to it than just money?

I dumped satellite in my last house and switched to basic cable after realizing I only watched Sci-Fi and Discovery Channel anyway. After moving I picked up cable again as part of a high-speed internet package, and found myself using television as nothing more than background noise. Finally I gifted the TV itself to a friend who’d bought a Wii for their rambunctious twin boys – those kids now play sports games in their room, and I’m altogether cable-less.

I’ve never missed it, but for about six months after the TV disappeared guests would comment “where’s your television?” – two years later nobody finds it strange at all.


Michael, my family and I dumped tv in 2001 and have never looked back. My kids (now nearly 20 and 21) really started to learn then the TV went off. Good for you, and isn’t it nice to have time to do the really important things in life – like fly fish. I’m one of the Dry Fly Media guys, and stay busy in the real world with a real estate market data analysis company. Tight lines, Mark

Mark – what you guys are doing at DFM is certainly more “real” than anything I could have found on TV. Keep up the great work!

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