Frankenstein’s Cutbow

I pulled this cutbow out of a sewage drain top shelf waterway not long ago:

It smacked a streamer like a freight train, and was quite the tugger. Chunky as well, which shocked me when I looked at its right side – a clearly deformed mouth and gill plate. Didn’t seem to matter to this fish (it took off like a bat out of hell on release too), but I’m curious…has anyone ever seen a face like that?

Is this a genetic abnormality, or an environmental issue?  Or maybe the fish just tangled with a nasty predator, got away, and now has the scars to show for it?


Could it be a hatchery fish? I’ve seen stocked fish here in the East with some weird abnormalities.

That’s something I didn’t think of. I don’t know if the CDOW produces cutbows, but maybe a hatchery fish with a genetic issue that it passed on during cross-breeding.

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