Blog spam is unrelenting, and relatively ineffective

Where do the CPU cycles come from?

At 5:15pm MST this evening, I arbitrarily deleted all the spam comments caught by Akismet here. I say arbitrarily because they get automatically deleted through the passing of time, but I decided on a whim to send what was sitting there to the trash anyway. I then left for dinner.

As I started typing this post there were 862 spam comments, all pitching. The offers apparently included Viagra and Cialis, as well as nude pictures of Paris Hilton and Rosario Dawson (the very latest peaked my interest for a moment – a moment I say!) but I clicked through none.

Just before hitting the publish button there were 875 comments headed for the can. It’s precisely 8:49 pm right now. That’s 875 spams in three hours, thirty four minutes. Or approximately 4.1 per minute – one every fifteen seconds. I suspect this is a very low number as far as the blogging world goes too.

Of course, the filter is nearly always successful. But imagine a world where blog spam (as well as email spam) was stopped at the source.

I bet it would be a big hit to the business of selling CPUs.

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