Colorado fishing folk have reason to rejoice in 2009

If you woke up from your New Year’s hangover, immediately reached into your vest, found your fishing license expired, and thought “damn, I spent that thirty bucks, and then some, at the bar the last night”, there’s no need to worry. You can fish on that 2008 license until March 31st.

That’s three free months of fishing, so you can safely head back to the bar with delusions of fiscal responsibility dancing in your head. California licensees only wish they were so lucky.


Now that’s not fair! Utah has gone to a 365 day license, so you only have to get a new one 365 days from when you last purchased a license. It’s nice, but certainly not as nice as 90 days of free fishing!

– scott c

I use to travel constantly, and was always plunking down for out-of-state licenses. At the time I thought a national license reciprocity scheme for fly fishers was ‘fair’ – now I’ll take the ninety days if it keeps me away from the airlines!

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