Florida Enters BCS Title Game With Top-Paid Athletic Director

Bloomberg Sports!

The 56-year-old Foley is the highest-paid athletic director among public schools in college football’s top division, according to contracts obtained through open-records requests. His $965,000 in guaranteed salary can grow to more than $1 million after benefits and bonuses. The University of Kansas’s Lew Perkins is second at $900,000, followed by the University of Wisconsin’s Barry Alvarez at $750,000.

The above-mentioned are big schools with big programs (Kansas b-ball is always a favorite), but none (mentioned or not) have had the run Florida is on. The possibility of four major championships in four years, without an hint of impropriety, is hard to argue.

Go Gators

I say money well spent. And…we’ll see ya’ Thursday!


Hack says:

Go OU!!!!!!!!!!!

When I figure out what anonymous coward made that comment I’m gonna walk next door and kick their behind.

Rex says:

Goooooooooo Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttoooorsssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I’m leaving work early today to get sized for my National Championship t-shirt!

Better go to a wholesale outlet – they’re gonna need a lot of material for you!

PS: I’ll ping you on that data request later (once I find it myself….but I know it exists).

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