Fly Fishing Bloggers: The New Tech Elite

It’s like Web 10.0 out there

It may be that they blog more than they fish, but in all likelihood they just need a venue for lying about their fishing that’s slicker than their fly line. It’s a scoop even the National Enquirer will envy – the fly fishing blogosphere is getting it on in the technology department! And I’ve got the pictures off-the-cuff anecdotes to prove it.

I’ll bet you didn’t know…

  • The Buster Wants To Fish crew runs the Random Tagline Plugin (forcing me to go back there hour after hour to see if corporate fly fishing STILL sucks) – CORRECTION: BWTF doesn’t use the RTP – instead they’re Photoshop junkies that should strike fear into the hearts of underemployed graphic designers, and (slightly off topic) chemical engineers culinary masters that could undoubtedly put Jacques Torres to shame;
  • The Trout Underground‘s Tom Chandler uses Linux at the office (I’ve since injected a keystroke logger onto his machine and messed with his hosts file – his posts are now my posts);
  • The Moldy Chum folks hack CNAME records for shits and giggles (I changed my registrar password, but only after I was extradited to Chum Nation);
  • Scott Carles opts for fast action at Cutthroat Stalker, and uses OpenID when running around the web (Mark Zuckerberg tried getting Scott to use Facebook Connect, but Scott found the valuation on the deal very sketchy);
  • Matt Dunn’s fishbeer is an all custom shop built by his brother Adam, and includes light boxes for photo display which seem especially cool after you’ve drank lots of beer (I’m not drinking yet today, but it’s still early).
  • And most impressive…

  • Way Upstream‘s El Pescador has Feedburner feeds mashed together with Yahoo! Pipes (my Feedburner/Pipes hack pales in comparison, and I’m now back to the drawing board since I don’t own a fly tying vise).
  • Conclusions drawn from this wholly unbiased survey

    We’re talking veritable cornucopia of cutting edge information technology. I’ll bet Sergey and Larry didn’t know this was going on either, and are sweating it right this very moment.

    While I crawl under a rock and tinker with my theme colors, you warn me if any fly fishing bloggers make a hostile bid for Microsoft (or employ any other technology tricks folks might like hearing about).


    Hey, shouldn’t you be out fishing – or something worthwhile? Somebody has a little too much time on their hands!

    PS – I hate to break the news to you, but I’ve been notified that I have “The Best Job In The World” all wrapped up (they notified me once, but I lost the reply email address with verification code – I’ll get back with you when everything’s been ironed out).

    PPS – New handle will be “Crocker Stalker” (my, what big teeth they have).

    – scott c

    Was going today, but it was a semi-big night out. And I’m lazy on the weekends…very lazy. Hitting the Blue tomorrow, if for no other reason than to catch some sun.

    PS – That verification code is hacked. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd told me so himself (he’s on my Skype buddy list, don’t ya’ know).

    Where does that leave us Bloggers who are on Blogger? In the punch card era?

    Roughfisher…it’s damn hard to tell your site is a Blogger blog! Fine work indeed.

    And I noticed you used OpenID for comment log in too – Blogger does have it’s advantages in you don’t have to waste time managing those types of operating intricacies on your own.

    More time for fishing!

    Wook says:

    Buster doesn’t use the random tagline plugin. If I remember correctly (it’s possible I don’t), it made the header graphic or the layout or something look shitty. Instead we have a whole bunch of separate header graphics with different taglines on each one, and the header graphics get randomly displayed. So it’s a neanderthal hack around the random tagline plugin, which Buster finds appealing.

    Matt Dunn says:

    Thanks for the nod. My brother is a wizard.

    My pleasure. And he is for sure.

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