News you gotta have to start your week – 1/19/09

Knowledge leads to success…sometimes

  • Wealthy men give women more orgasms – the statistically insignificant polling sample is going to lead to a lot of controversy, and a lot of men looking for second jobs;
  • Roughfisher Beast of the Year – this is an honor suitable for kings, and an idea for trouters who don’t know what to do with last year’s waders;
  • Cracking the (Social) Code – business speak, for anyone trying to figure out how to create a Facebook group for plastics extrusion or become the go to twitterer on CNC machining;
  • IFPI Says 95% of Music Downloads Are Illegal – they omit that the other 5% weren’t illegal because the songs were created with GarageBand;
  • And…

  • Jim Rogers Says Worried About Dollar, Favors China – I admire the guy, but still I wonder where Jim Rogers’ money already is.
  • Adieu.

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