Quizzing the ‘Rivers of a Lost Coast’ creators

Pete McDonald:

We here at Fishing Jones are enjoying the maturation of the fly fishing video genre into something beyond the instructional or extreme categories. From Red Gold, to Drift, to the rediscovery of Tarpon, we like where things are going. Add to this our expectations for the upcoming documentary-style movie Rivers of a Lost Coast, which focuses on California’s rich fly fishing history. After viewing the Vimeo trailer and reading the pre-release information on the blog, we decided to ask the filmmakers, Justin Coupe and Palmer Taylor, a few basic questions…

I’ve never watched an instructional video, which is why I hit myself in the back of the head with a fly twenty some-odd times every outing. But I’ve seen the ‘extreme’, and I’ve seen the ‘riddled with sponsor plugs’ – I can take ’em or leave ’em.

In this case, if the trailer doesn’t have you immediately searching for a place to grab this documentary, the substance of the questions and answers certainly will. Read the whole thing.


I’m with you – not interested in the “extreme” fishing. Not interested in the “how-to.” But when I first saw the “Lost Coast” trailer last week, I was definitely hooked! Can’t wait to see that one.

– scott c

Pete’s talk with those guys reeks of professionalism. I just hope I can relate!

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