Trout Underground’s Tom Chandler to be Knighted by Queen of England

Ominous times indeed

Moldy Chum reports:

The kingpin of the Trout Underground Writer’s Network has been named “The World’s Greatest Business Mind”, and with geopolitical and economic strife on everyone’s short list rumor has it Mr. Tom Chandler will soon be addressing the UN General Assembly.

The Chum has more. Meanwhile, my personal take on all this…

While Mr. Chandler certainly leads a venerable team that can solve all the world’s problems, too much power in too few hands means many will soon suffer from planned indicator shortages. Don’t believe the empty promises – nymphing will be swiftly outlawed! This anointment should come as no surprise either – the TUWN has been propagandizing its impending global domination for nearly three years, and watching everyone so closely as to make George Orwell posthumously gleeful.

I’ll cautiously congratulate, toss streamers as often as possible, and seine my preferred waters for surveillance devices from here on out. I’d also warn beginners to the sport of fly fishing to keep looking over their shoulders, but they probably already have that covered.

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