Budget brownlining

Who says you can’t fly fish on the cheap?

gear bagI made the call, wanting a rod I could kick around. A master carper convinced me that an 8-weight would work dutifully (as long as it wasn’t a rocket launcher like I previously deployed), and then cut me a sweetheart deal to boot. I walked out with a Temple Fork Professional series. It’s fairly heavy as my quiver goes (it’s a 6-piece after all), but still casts pretty smooth.

Carp setupI dug through the spare gear box, and pulled out an old Lamson LP 3.5 (and an extra spool). While that made it even more burdensome from a heft standpoint, I figure I’ll get a good shoulder workout in the process. Strung one spool with a floater and the other with a sink tip, both lines which I picked up at the same time as the rod (along with five new 10ft, 1X leaders).

My total out-of-pocket, tax, tag, and title – $106.67. That doesn’t include the reel, but I suspect I could have nabbed one of those LP jobs on eBay for around $70, putting my total investment at around $180. The skeptic might say I’m only happy with the price, but I really do like the setup’s feel. And I won’t feel bad if I bang it up a bit either – in other words, I can just go out and have fun.

And that is what fly fishing is supposed to be about.


Looks like a nice setup you got there. you won’t cry when that golden beast snaps it in to a million pieces like you would with a $1000 combo.

Ah, do I hear the sound of rubber-legged scorpions creeping around in my fly box?

The only crying over something golden will be while accepting the winner’s trophy in the FGFF Beer Bong Invitational – my guzzling team mate Kyle D. is already training.

Once the weather warms again, I’ll hit the dirty brown path to golden goodness and give you a performance review. That is if my shoulder holds out.

beware of the stinger!

I’m sure I’ll be suffering defeat from the likes of you two pros. I’ve been out of competition for almost 10 years now. Luckily I have Beerfest to keep me inspired.

Don’t bow out too soon – I’m really talking out of my ass on the competition. Late last year, I lost a chugging contest to a petite (and extremely cute) woman, and wound up paying her tab. The boyz are still giving me shit about it.

I wasn’t so much worried about you, but rather Kyle, and the fellows from the FGFF brigade.

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