FishWatch: Fishing-related legislative round-up for the week ending 02/20/09

FishWatch will likely be yet another weekly column that you never see again, but there are a couple of legal initiatives on plates (and I need some trademarks to make up for the bland styling around here)…


  • Scott Carles continues weeding though the garden that is Utah House Bill 187. He’s set up a special section of his blog dealing specifically with this issue, and is looking for help addressing points that, well…need addressing.
  • And in the even better news category…


  • Stripers Forever reports that one Representative Matt Patrick has introduced a bill to the Massachusetts legislature entitled The Striped Bass Conservation Bill. The point would be to prohibit the commercial harvesting of striped bass in the area, and limit the take from anglers as well.

Know of any other’s worth mentioning?


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