Ode to Baja California Sur, and ‘lethal weapons’

ode-to-mexicoThere are two circumstances regarding the included picture.

The first is: on the day this photo was taken, there were roughly 75 clouser minnows in the boat when the morning started – by the end of the day we were pilfering the remaining bucktail off of the flies that were destroyed, and attempting to put together something resembling a clouser (using strands of fur and Ande mono for thread), just to get one more cast (and yet another fish).

That’s how good the fishing was that day – and it prompted a clouser production factory so we never ran out of Bob’s ‘Van Gogh’ again.

The second part of this story is incidental. In the picture I’m holding the rod that some folks consider not a fly rod at all.

My humble reply is…a closed mind creates tailing loops. And my ‘seasoned’ side says…bamboo is for panda bears.


You call that bringing the heat, Gracie boy? And if that GLX is so good, why did you lose all those Clousers? A nice bamboo rod would have protected those tippets better.

See? Another example of better living through organic fibers…

Allen says:


I remember that day well. If I am not mistaken, you still owe me some Clousers (and some Corona’s for being low man, although no complaints about 100+ fish days), although I still have the one you left in my ear. We spent many days (and many dollars) on that Glacier Bay cat. I’m feeling the urge that it is about time to practice our Spanish once again.


@TC – I fell over in my chair just a moment ago. Nevertheless, Allen noted that I actually hit him with one of those clousers – I recall he snapped my line and threw it overboard (after pulling it out of his earlobe), despite what he said about holding on to it for posterity’s sake. Told you that GLX was pin-point accurate.

PS: Do they make helmets from bamboo?

@AJT – I think the total number of fish was on my side, and certainly the absolute count of spanish maks were! You only won because of the two roosters and that butt-ugly African pompano.

Didn’t I send you those flies already? Oops…I think your big minnows went to Pete McD – sadly, possession is 9/10ths of the law. And I’m retired from the bench.

Craig Berg says:

Can we clarify your original tale …. did you lose those clousers or were they destroyed in the heat of battle?

We started with about 75 clousers and ended with about 70 hook and barrel-eyed nothing – and that accounts for the box Allen threw at me after I hooked him. No, we didn’t actually lose the flies – they were torn to pieces, but it’s probably hard for some folks to recognize the difference when they suffer from persistent Upper Sacramento River Ten Inch Fish Syndrome.

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