What you can’t learn about economic crisis from an iPhone

John Carney, Managing Editor of the Silicon Alley Insider, waxes poetic regarding what you can learn about economic crisis from an iPhone:

It started innocently enough. This company called Apple had released a new phone that everyone said was going to change the world. People lined up for days to get the new phone the moment it was released. The news media covered the launch breathlessly.

I didn’t even consider buying one. Sure, Jim Cramer’s nephew was telling everyone that it was a good way to impress girls. And I noticed that my friends at the Gowanus Yacht Club in Brooklyn were getting a even more of the fairer sex’s attention than usual when they brandished their iPhones. But I never seriously considered buying one.

Eating an iPhoneI hope you’re still with me, because I myself was lost from the get go. Maybe I’m just dense – I still can’t figure out where the rubber meets the road, unless Master Carney was…

    a) trying to point out that Jim Cramer’s nephew is desperately seeking the wrong Susan;

    b) attempting to impress us by alluding that he hangs out with a ‘high-class’ yacht club crowd; or

    c) letting us know that he’ll soon lose his ass on financial stocks and is setting up for a stimulus handout to get that iPhone.

All I can tell you is that I’m hard pressed to imagine that the folks at Gowanus (the non yacht club) are shooting the duck they’re eating, so if the proverbial shit hit the fan they’d all starve.

And they can’t eat their iPhones either.

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