A lanyard for walking on water

gear bagI’ve owned a half-dozen or so vests, and in between carried fishing gear in small backpacks and fanny packs, as well as strung tools on various EK and Dr. Slicks lanyards. None had suited my fancy for very long. Recently I picked up a Mountainsmith Tour pack – for the first time in a while I could carry everything I needed for a day on the water, and with room to spare. The only problem was I had to reach for clamps and clippers, as well as tippet. What I needed was a new lanyard.Water Walker Lanyard

The lanyard needed to do a few things for me: 1) It had to be comfortable; 2) I needed quick access to tippet, and without a rigid tippet holder; and 3) it had to weigh enough (or have a decent enough shirt clip system) to balance the lightweight net I would hang off the back. I looked around at the stock gear available, but couldn’t find precisely what I sought. Then I found Water Walker Lanyards.

It was a custom job, and I know people have their own preferences which most likely differ from mine. Therefore, I’m not going to bother going into additional product details, other than to say that the lanyard was meticulously constructed, and with the finest materials. It is simply superb. But what I think does deserve some attention is the man who built it for me, Rev. Rick Mang.

I’ve met some folks who take great pride in their work, and Rick is certainly one of them. He was keen to make me a happy customer, corresponding with me on the specifics of design and then passing me photos of the prototype in advance of delivery. Further, Rick had a pretty heavy personal schedule during this process, yet took it upon himself to keep me informed each step of the way. I could not have been more pleased with the entire process.

The “Gracie Model” from Water Walker Lanyards probably won’t push your wading capability to supernatural levels (particularly if you wade like I do – face first), but if you’re a fly fisher who appreciates a high quality product and other worldly customer service, Water Walker has six models ranging from $20 to $30 that will surely add more convenience to your fishing day.

Editor’s note: Rev. Mang’s latest model name wasn’t my idea, but I’ll take it just the same. And…thanks again Rick!


Mike will this help reel in a Spotted Brown slingback mountain Carp, as you know they are massive creatures, I dont know if you have caught one yet?

Jimmy –

The Spotted Brown Slingback Mountain Carp (Nonexistious-spoto Carpio) is on the Endangered Species List. For the record, I would not pursue the fish and I’d appreciate your refraining from mentioning the prize here.

Please destroy those pics I sent you while you’re at it.

Rick Mang says:


Thank you for the kinds words of endorsement. The Gracie Model lanyard was fun to make. Your idea of a flexible horizontal tippet holder has sparked some interest. I am sending out three Gracie Models next week to a fisherman in Utah.

By the way . . . I use the Mountainsmith Day fanny pack, the next size up from the Tour pack you have. They are made from recycled plastic bottles . . . functional, and good for the environment.

I appreciate you.

Rick >

The pleasure is all mine, my friend. And yes, those packs are wonderful, aren’t they.

Rick Mang says:


Check my blog when you get a chance. Look for the “Michels Model”, an intesting adaptation of the “Gracie Model.”

I appreciate you. That is the second model similar to yours that I have shipped out since your order.

Rick >
Water Walker Lanyards

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