A ‘Try Not To Smile Too Much’ Moment in Brownlining

Dirty Duner

Snyder wannabe
Wipe that hobo-dodging smirk off your face

Taken on a Barr’s Emerger. And lived to tell about it.

The horror.


I think he’s holding that varnished, mounted carp we keep seeing on all the brownline blogs.

Naw…someone said it’s something about the thin air out here that makes them blow up like that. Or was it grow up like that?

Very nice!

Man, I need to get out and find some fish. You are all killing me.

TJP says:

It’s all Photoshop and mirrors! Barr’s Emerger, indeed. What a beast! I want one. I need one!

@J. Montana: coming from you, I’m taking the approval as a sign the South Platte should be deemed sacred waters.

@TJ: ease up on the release of the confidential business process stuff, or someone’s going to dump an entire year’s Spinney pike harvest on your front lawn.

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