Around the world in nine links flat – 03/05/09

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  • Surprise – cyber-crooks are targeting Facebook. This is like shooting fish in a barrel, but Facebook participants won’t understand that until it’s too late. They are busy throwing up pages in a vain attempt to garner attention, and have to figure out that the barrel is already too big first.
  • Speaking of social networks, you only have five core friends anyway. The rest are, I guess, ‘fake friends’.
  • But if you still think you have more friends than that, Yahoo! is on their way to helping you stay caught up with them. It’s a collaboration with JS-Kit for access everywhere.


  • Everyone who disagrees with the present administration’s economic policies is now evil, at least in the eyes of Paul Krugman. Greg Mankiw is willing to bet hard money that the GDP forecasts being floated to justify the massive spending are, for the most part, bunk. Will Vegas take side bets?
  • The Fed is not only bailing out ‘unfortunate’ homeowners – now that third mortgages for widescreen TVs are passe, they are going to start funding credit card balances instead.
  • And just in case anyone is still wondering where the financial world is headed, let’s ask the world’s presently most popular prognosticator, Nouriel Roubini: Mr. Roubini, what say ye? The U.S. financial system is effectively insolvent. Ok, got it.

Fly Fishing

  • Science folks speculate that hunting trophies leads to smaller fish. There’s a lot of killing mentioned, which leads me to believe the studies may be funded by PETA. Meanwhile, down in the Keys, it’s long been known that the biggest bonefish reside in Islamorada specifically because so many trophy fish are released there during tournaments.
  • Speaking of Florida, high-income earners aren’t the only one’s who may be seeing tax hikes. Guides have long had an exemption from sales tax, but the state legislature is discussing a change to that. Ron Brooks notes (correctly) that not only will guide/charter fishing rates go up, but the bookkeeping will add additional burden to an already very hard working group of folks.
  • And finally…

  • The Roughfisher is ready for spring – it’s just that spring isn’t ready for him. Spring has been in and out of Colorado for weeks – we’d weep for the rough dude, but we’re too busy fishing. I’m not being spiteful, really I’m not.



I’m part of a new media alumni group from my j-school and so many professional people think it’s imperative you work through Facebook and Twitter. I have a hard enough time keeping up with all the fishing blogs as it is. Now I have to go over to facebook and see what’s going on over there, then follow the tweets, too? When am I supposed to have time to do my real job, or in my spare time, actually come up with some original content to post?


I’ve already said enough with respect to Facebook, and that’s despite having been a fan when it first came out. As for Twitter, I’ve been in and out, but now see it’s usefulness. Sure I repost links to my blog there, but a business partner of mine and I actually use it to exchange links related to the project we are working on – it is better than trying to constantly log in and update our corporate wiki for what should otherwise be passing thoughts (or sift through email later). And my following the fishing set is pure entertainment – like icing on the cake. Twitter takes very little time if you use, say TweetDeck, which I’ve quickly grown to love for it’s grouping capabilities.

Yes, you are correct – there isn’t enough time for it all. Unless, of course, you’re an online marketing consultant selling Facebook and Twitter manuals.

Who luvs ya babe …><(((°> J

No offense intended to anyone involved in FB and whatnot. I’m just a dinosaur from the 90s, when 56k modems rocked.

Excellent – then I get to keep the monopoly on being offensive.

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