Drop the wading boots – your toenails need trimming

Already banned from a flats skiff near you

Via Tampa Bay Online:

A trendy pedicure with fish that nibble dead skin from the feet has been nipped in the bud.

The Florida Board of Cosmetology has banned the procedure, even before it was known to be offered anywhere in the state. The board said salons had been inquiring about its legality and decided to preemptively strike.

I’ve generally shrugged when the woman in my life (rinse, repeat) says she’s headed for a pedicure, cringed when I heard the price, and beamed when I saw those freshly painted toes in a cute pair of sandals. Guys, get with the program – they know they are getting foot massages for a week – it’s why they do it in the first place!

Little did I know I could have hung thy fat feet over the back of the boat, and subsequently received a foot rub myself. But, it’s now been banned in Florida, so you are going to have to remove the wading boots first.

(h/t Reason)

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