Even the fishing set needs a little education

If there was any doubt in my mind that the constant vigilance against ad tracking I’ve employed was futile effort, it is now gone…


Maybe it’s just punishment for my persistent use of the interwebs to check the weather in Hartsel, CO (a.k.a. Redneck Disneyland), in hopes of seeing it scream TORNADO FORCE WINDS AND COLDER THAN SIBERIA since I’m not actually there.


Fishing’s suddenly popular; I’m seeing plenty of cheesy, stuffed-with-fishing-keywords SEO articles appearing on the Intertubes, and saw a surge in scrapers for a while.

It can only mean fly fishing’s going bigtime, baby…

TC – I think I saw some of your stuff once, but I also remember you tracked that pretty carefully. I’ve got the advantage in being a cruddy writer – nobody bothers copying my content!

I view it the same way…bigtime (with a smirk).

Cruddy writer? Come on MG! Anyway, I’m going to get my doctorate on the water… I’m sold… as long as it just costs the price of fishing gear I will put in the time.

Paul – we sure do pay a lot in tuition already, eh?

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