Really important stuff you must worry about all weekend

Unless you are watching college hoops, playing with the kids, waxing the vintage auto, balancing the checkbook, vacuuming the rug, fly fishing, playing fetch with the dog, sharing a beautiful mountain sunset with a loved one, smoking a fine cigar, taking a backcountry hike, reading a classic novel, [UPDATE INSERTED AT THE REQUEST OF A VIP: ‘mapping with your GPS’] or any of the other useless stuff you might do instead of absorbing the following…


  • Social networking is purportedly now more popular than email. I read the report, and it felt mostly like (yet another) Facebook sales pitch. Of course, if Nielson can’t sell the most popular social network on earth, I’ll bet Oprah can.
  • Google sales chief Tim Armstrong is leaving for the CEO post at AOL, and the move is generally being hailed as a good one (at least for AOL). There’s even speculation Mr. Armstrong will have his choice regarding keeping AOL under the Time Warner umbrella, or spinning it out. Either way, I believe one of Tim’s first moves is to find a growing property to rejuvenate AOL’s tired ship – I think that engine should be network of social networks Ning (logic to follow…later…maybe).
  • Finance

  • One trillion dollars is a heck of a lot of money, and it’ll seem that way to just about everyone except a government official writing checks against other people’s accounts that are already long overdrawn. Yep, one-thousand billion bucks, on double stacked pallets covering an area bigger than a football field. Visualize it here.
  • Value investor Ben Graham would think the S&P still too high, were he alive today. Further, that declaration was made by Bloomberg on Monday – the market chalked up a roughly 10% gain this week. Meanwhile, Nouriel Roubini already said there could be a suckers rally – maybe he’s not as tired as I thought he might be.
  • Fly Fishing

  • Bryan Gregson’s 15+ pound pig got a mention in Fly Rod & Reel – I say it’s about time. I was kind of surprised the Madison beast hadn’t generated a little more press, until I read the recent article. See…much as Bryan lives for the outdoors (i.e. he respects the streams, and fish he chases – and conveys it openly), that grand Madison brown died after the catch. It wasn’t bleeding at the gills, or beat with a bat and then slung on a grill. It fought the good fight, but simply couldn’t be revived. For that reason (death) publications shunned the story.
  •    And my take…

  • I’m beginning to notice a pattern: skilled anglers who just so happen to grasp the notion that fly fishing is a sport grounded in “the hunt” are putting up trophies, while a pack of panda-food-slinging, latte-sipping nancy boys jump to high-browed conclusions under cover of their keyboards. It is no wonder kids would rather play shoot-em-up video games than go outdoors – it’s genuine, unlike than the flavor of fly fishing the overzealous Gucci-elite would like to cram down their throats. The player gets a chance to comprehend finality, which is, in fact, reality.



“while a pack of panda-food-slinging, latte-sipping nancy boys jump to high-browed conclusions under cover of their keyboards”

One of the best I have read.

At least you know I wasn’t trying to sell you something, eh?

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