The United States Of Ponzi

Nouriel Roubini pulls no punches:

Americans lived in a “Made-off” and Ponzi bubble economy for a decade or even longer. Madoff is the mirror of the American economy and of its over-leveraged agents: a house of cards of leverage over leverage by households, financial firms and corporations that has now collapsed in a heap.

When you put zero down on your home, and you thus have no equity in your home, your leverage is literally infinite and you are playing a Ponzi game.

And the bank that lent you, with zero down, a NINJA (no income, no jobs and assets) liar loan that was interest-only for a while, with negative amortization and an initial teaser rate, was also playing a Ponzi game.

Yep – it’s all that evil Wall Street banker’s fault. You twits!

BTW: there’s more Ponzi here.


Allen says:

You mean to tell me that if I am greedy and stupid that, despite what Washington insists on telling me, it really isn’t somebody else’s fault?

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