Utah’s restricted river rights bill defeated (UPDATED)

Utah House Bill 187, which stood to reverse an opinion by the the Utah Supreme Court last summer which reinforced citizens rights to fish most all water, was defeated yesterday by a vote of 34-41. I’m on the sidelines with this one…

  • Bryan Gregson says thank your representative (if appropriate); while
  • Scott Carles notes the legislature has seven days to bring something similar up again this year, so the work isn’t quite over quite yet.

Still, the grassroots effort in getting the word out, via the above mentioned gentlemen, along with Utah Water Guardians and more, seems to have paid off. Some congratulations are in order.

I also hope this event serves as a lesson that fishing waters are a precious (and possibly fleeting) resource, and that anglers now understand that they need to treat pubic waters through private lands (and the obvious private surroundings) the same way they’d treat public water in the public park their kids play in.

UPDATE: The bill is now being reconsidered, just like Scott Carles hinted it would.

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