“Wine is like the clothes line of life”

My good friend Jim Freveletti and his wife Andrea had been talking for the better part of a year about moving to Italy. Jimmy asked my advice, and I said go (selfish motivation of paying them a visit notwithstanding)! A few months back they made the jump, and I convinced Jimmy to start blogging their new life at JamesFreveletti.com.

They are in the wine business, living in San Gio-something-or-other, and working for Torciano Winery in Poggibonsi – I remember the second location because it makes a great screaming intro every time he Skypes me, which is like twice a fricken day. Yesterday he rang to say he’d spent hours clearing a path through the garden on his property to make way for a clothesline. He described it as the 8th architectural wonder of the world…

Freveletti's clothesline
It’s crash and burn in a stiff wind, so please harvest the rosemary ahead of time

Jimmy probably didn’t realize I was going to re-purpose his photo (and the title for the post – yep, that’s his too) when it hit my inbox. But what’s a little copyright violation amongst friends? Every time he pings me, I simply remind him that there are mountains around his joint, and therefore streams to scope out. I’ll keep stealing his thunder until he finds them (and sends me a plane ticket).

He’s blogging the good life, and hopefully selling a lot of wine too. And I wish he and Andrea well.

As for their wet clothing, fuggetaboutit. Buy a dryer Jimmy!

Editor’s note: At least I think that’s rosemary in the foreground – maybe I should direct Jim to send some of it to Peter Harrison.


I wanted to defend my masterpiece after my friend Michael attacked it, and told me to buy a dryer! I wondered why he would come after me in this way? So it led me to thinking, Clothesline, Fishing Line and after hours and hours of research I created this comparison…

Able to dry my expensive sheets. Catch a Fish.
Able to dry my expensive Jeans. Catch a Fish.
Able to dry expensive Boxer Shorts. Catch a brown Fish.
Able to dry Cuban Cigar leaves. Catch a yellow Fish with spots.
Able to hang and dry Photographs. Catch a fish with big mouth.
Able to dry my Procuitto Ham. Catch a Big Fish.

I think I have made my Point loud and clear Michael, you dont have to be jealous! jimmy

I’m not jealous Frev. I just don’t wear ‘expensive boxer shorts’. I don’t sip lattes in cafes either, but it’s obvious you do, and if you weren’t married to such a fine gal I’d have to lay out a ‘hmm’. And hanging photos…you’re going to string your laptop up on that clothesline?!

I’m giving you credit for the cigar leaves bit though – that’s cool.

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