An evening of fly fishing antithesis – fine cuisine and aged grape meets the primordial

If you were wondering whether a pack of ‘turd dodgers’ can actually prepare some decent grub without disinfecting it with nitric acid first, look no further than the stove…

Primal Stove
Chow, before the animals move in

Can they gather like normal human beings without hacking each other’s heads off like the barbarians they’ve been labeled as by the media?

Primal Barbarians
Pleasant company – a sure ruse

But if the crew is now asking a born and bred Florida son to come out of bench retirement, just in case they need a few more of these…

Black Death
A carp won’t eat this shit, will it?

…you just have to wonder what Primal Fly has up their sleeves.

Primal Sleeve
Well…maybe not.


MG signing off (to dig up some 2/0 hooks)


I love the empty can of sardines in the last photo. true brown style.

It was a special occasion, so we upgraded to smoked oysters.

Tom says:

I only use sardines for bait. Carp Bait. It makes em taste gooder.

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