I Just Had To Ditch

It was a beautiful day here in Denver.

The call came in…

…and the rods came out.

I had to ditch…

…and ditch I did.

MG signing off (to seek out more ditches)

Editor’s note: It was actually a small pond on the edge of some golf course in the suburbs, but I’m hoping Dr. Ditch will still give me a decent grade.

PS: I’m testing lightboxes – click on a pic and tell me what you think. Meanwhile, I’ll be working into the wee hours of the night to make up for the ditching.


Envious Kansas Boy says:

Nice size bass there. I’ll be getting my 6 weight ready for some bass fishing soon. I love those dumb fish… they’ll hit anything so I have a chance.

10 gold stars mang.

Nice work.

@Corey – I’ve already scoped out a few more spots via satellite, and this one was tiny compared to a few we saw cruising around.

@Pete – Thank you, Monsignor, thank you.

jeremy says:

Nice work! — I too found a bass today — Smallmouth Bass though. 10 stars from Dr. Ditch – that’s big time!

I don’t know about this whole Dr. Ditch thing. You’re promoting my semi-competency.

More stars if you were wearing a hat for THE U.

Murdock says:

Ditches come in all shapes and sizes. Ditches are a state of mind more than a location. Pete has a PHD in Ditchology.

yeah get a lid for that chrome dome of yours. before you get crispy burnt. where’s the coconut?

@J – Tks. That’s the first bucket I’ve taken in C-rado. First time I even went looking for one, and there’ll hopefully be more. Now that I have Dr. Ditch’s quasi-endorsement, I’m almost forced to!

@Pete – If I wore a UM hat, you’d be the only one left who’d speak to me.

@Murdock – I like that ‘state of mind’ concept – let’s hope Dr. Ditch brainwashes us all!

@JPL – Someone took the hat, and the skull is feeling a little tender this morning as a result.

Rick Mang says:

You sure that picture wasn’t of you fishing in Texas?

Not to knock the great state of Colorado, but that’s a nice bass!

Way to go!

Thanks Rick – I didn’t know they existed around here either!

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