If you find this sock’s brother, please let me know

gear bagEveryone has their superstitions, and fly fishers are no exception. For some it’s bananas – no bananas consumed while fishing, and certainly none in the lunch bag, particularly while on a boat. For others, it’s as simple as getting prepared just a certain way – put the rod together now, or wait until after the waders are on (regardless of the temps). I love fruit, but rarely take it fishing, and I have a certain system getting ready – it’s not bowing to the gods but plain ol’ habit. No…for me the big thing is socks.

A particularly pair of socks. I’ve had these certain socks for some time (sparing you the details, and sparing me the bad jokes). They are my lucky wading socks. They kept my toes warm on bitter days. I hand wash them and air dry them after each use – respect for many [insert time measure here] of loyal service. Now I’m getting ready for a short but much needed trip, and one sock out of the pair is missing. This is a huge fricken problem.

A lonely sock

If you find this sock’s brother, please ping me ASAP. The sock was last seen in the vicinity of a gray mid-sized Japanese-built SUV parked near the Blue River below Green Mountain Reservoir.

I must have this sock.

MG signing off (to check and recheck and re-re-check the sock drawer)

Editor’s note: your superstitious tales may be welcome relief, but the other sock in my mail box by Thursday eve would be even better.


Hack says:

Do you honestly want me to answer your question of where your sock is? I think you already know the answer to that my friend.

Well Endowed Neighbor says:

Sorry, I had to borrow your sock to hit the tanning bed the other day. I didn’t have any big tube socks like that, so I had to borrow yours.

Your Well Endowed Neighbor

CDB says:

How much is the sock worth? Be prepared to pay up or the sock gets it. Ransom note to follow – Owner of Gray SUV

It’s taken just a few hours to realize what an obvious mistake this was.

Brother I hear you – I lost my favorite pair of socks season before last. I have no idea where they went, but I hope they are happy.

Matt Dunn says:

This was not a mistake. It was a damn fine post. And dude, I know smartwools are expensive, but you’re the financial expert, just go out and buy another one. Socks aren’t so special to me. I try to touch them as little as possible after I’ve worn them in my waders. Hand washing them would probably make me gag and possibly vomit.

Your left sock says:

I feel that we need some time apart since our relationship has become stale. I feel that you don’t apprectiate me and that you only keep me around for your selfish purposes. You obviously prefer righty since you always step foward first with him instead of me.

@ Well endowed@ I shutter at the thought of being your tanning bed buddy. I feel that is sock abuse and your post shall be reported to SATB. Yes that’s correct “Socks Against Tanning Beds.”

That is all,
Your left sock

You hand wash the socks you wade in? I think I am with Matt on this one.

@Matt – I don’t know what brand they are, and that’s half the problem.

+Alex – do you guys ever wash your socks? Or your feet?

my feet smell like roses and sunshine.

Found it.

The world is a fair and just place. And I’ll bet FGFF feet stink like fresh compost piles!

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