In The Mail: A Reminder Of Celebration

The night of the BCS Championship I sat in a bar, celebrating a great friend’s birthday while simultaneously carrying on a play-by-play texting conversation with some other great friends who were at the game. By the end of the night everyone involved was in full party mode.

And this came in the mail today…

Thank you Craig and Julie!

It was accompanied by a note that said ‘better late than never’ – I say such a fine gift could be a decade late and it would still be worth celebrating.

Go Gators!

MG signing off (until next season, which is right around the corner)


Only a few more to go before they have as many as the Canes, Florida’s true alltime badass football program.

Did the Gators ever get boosted by Luther Campbell and 2LiveCrew?

Respect the U

@Dr. Dunn – Heh heh now, you wouldn’t want us trash talking the Hoosiers now, would you? One of my Gator gang did his post-grad work there and lives nearby – you want me to send him over to have a little chat 😉 ?

@Dr. Ditch – After leaving the finest educational institution in the land I went to Chicago, where there were tons of Notre Dame fans. To blend in, I always wore ‘Catholics vs. Convicts’ t-shirts on game day.

Matt Dunn says:

Dude, the hoosiers can suck it (until they get their b-ball program back in shape, then I’m on the bandwagon like every other athletic-fees loathing grad student). I’m a Penn State fan, which is only slightly less embarrassing.

And yes (as the testosterone and beer driven bravado rises in my throat) send your friend over. As long as he’s not Bob Knight I’ll kick his ass.

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