Rabbit Hunting

Brown bunnies aren’t the target – they’re the ‘bait’…

Rabbit hunting
Bunnies are so cute. But the trout will be thinking lunch.

I was once called a ‘dirty bird’ for throwing this kind of stuff. All I could do was smile. These sculpin-y, crawdad-y, what-ever-fish-want-them-to-be babies are bulletproof too, thanks to tier Tyler Kendrick.


you are such a slut. have fun tossing your big meat around

Thanks…I like ‘slut’ better than ‘dirty bird’.

Gotta love throwing big nasty flies since you catch big nasty fish with them. Beats a size 22 for fun in my book any day.

Protein! Represents better than 50% of my diet nowadays. And theirs.

Throwing streamers feels like work, but business can get very good.

Hurricane says:

Personally, I even noticed the background on which ‘lunch’ is served. Nice work Gracie, I think I’d dine with you any day!
Hmmm, bunnies… what are you serving for Easter Brunch?

DAMN! Those look aweful pretty. Let me know if you are overburdened with your alotment and I will gladly carry the excess.

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