Catch and release (plus a little writing) may score you a new reel!

Fly Fisher Girl Hannah Belford is sponsoring a rockin’ contest. We all (hopefully) practice catch and release, but sometimes the fish aren’t handled in a way that maximize their chances of fighting another day – Hannah wants to change that…

Angling kills fish. However, with proper care and attention one can minimize the impact. In fact, if one chooses to fish strictly catch and release barbless hook angling – you are going to give the fish the best possible chance for survival…well next to not using a hook. My vegan dad and stepmom woulda called me on that.

If you have a good story about catch and release (an honest one, and some pics to go with it), you can submit those to for the chance at a brand spanking new Redington Rise fly reel. Hannah, along with our very own New York ditch doctor Pete McDonald, will be judging the entries. Click that lovely banner below to see all the rules and regs, and nab yourself a sweet piece of gear!


UPDATE: You don’t have to write an dissertation – just a little blurb about doing right by the fish will work just fine. However, pics are required.

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