Dark, Brown and Blue

When a guy pulls a piece on you and says tie, you tie (even if you haven’t tied in years and don’t like it much). But when he calls you and asks nicely if you’d like to hit the Blue River, you exclaim ‘YES’ without thinking (and even if you know he’s going to bag early, shirking in his duty to pick up the dinner tab). This is much the relationship I have with Primal Fly’s James Snyder.

Last Sunday we hit the Blue River. The stretch had just undergone a flush, and the flows were as low as low could be, roughly 100 cfs. We were expecting truckloads of fish stacked up in deep pools and narrow runs. And that’s essentially what we got.

piggy-rainbow-going-homeother-bug-huntersThe morning started off with a bang – within the first hour we’d picked up several piglets. James and I worked swiftly downstream, soon losing our other colleague in the process. And the fishing slowed down a bit too. We needed some clues, some deeper understanding of what the fish were eating – we’d been fishing Jujubees and Buckskins, and knew the fish would be into meat if we could just figure out what flavor. Geese became our inspiration.

We donned our snorkels (you do carry a snorkel in your vest, right?), and found stones, cranes, as well as something we still have no genus species for…

cranefly-larva golden-stone strange-bug

Needless to say, we added stoneflies to the mix. Not long after a couple of CDOW troopers passed by, checking licenses. After a quick chat, we determined we were doing better than the average bear, of which we counted only four others on the water. Still not satisfied, we continued our march.

The dark side of the force (that be Snyder) pulled ahead after the turn, which is something I’m not used to. While I continued switching flies, greasing leaders, and even nodding to a little top-water action, James concocted more of the swine vaccination he’s become infamous for…


The worst person I could possibly fish with for preserving my already over-inflated sense of fly fishing self-esteem finally decided he’d rather go to band camp than continue fishing, and about that time our buddy Craig showed up. He proclaimed a decent day, we sent James on his way, and continued down stream. The rest of the afternoon was met with intermittent rain, but we slogged along and picked up eight more between us.

It was a great day on one of my all time favorite waters. And while there are many more lakes and rivers to catch up with this year, the Blue River will certainly be on our prime target list before the runoff commences.

MG signing off (to call the weatherman about extending Spring just a few more weeks)


James says:

That’s right bitch, you got schooled! Wait till this weekend when I punk your ass slaying big carp on the flats!

Me thinks you stuck those stonefly pupa in your pocket, and used them accordingly. Bastard!

James says:

Yeah, well me thinks you had a stonefly pupa in your pants, until you pissed out of it. SHAZAM!


Think the bug on the right is a mayfly of some type. (That is my guess) If that is the one you did not identify.

Man – that’s a HUGE mayfly then. Sucker was like two inches long. Thanks.

PS: We found it in some calm shallow water.

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