Evening with a summer breeze

bistrovendomeYesterday was my dog’s birthday. He got his present back in early April, a new bed. But as this was #10 for him, some celebration was in order. Unfortunately, collies aren’t allowed in most French restaurants, so he slept on that bed while a feast of magnanimous proportions took place…

For Starters

  • A bottle of ’03 Chateau La Haye – from the St. Estephe region, it was described as earthy and didn’t disappoint. Help was needed with the wine selection as the whole Bordeaux list was third and fourth growths.
  • Mousse de Foie au Calvados – Calvados scented chicken live parfait, apple parsely gelee, oven dried grapes. In other words, a very fancy name for pâté – I’m a ground beef person, but will never turn down a good pâté if only to maintain an air of civility.
  • The cheese selection of the day – various flavors which will be remembered in taste and forgotten in name.
  • Main Course

  • Cuisse de Canard Confit – Molasses glazed duck leg confit, lentils, braised cabbage, beurre blanc, grilled apple, and golden raisin relish. Was voted the pick of the evening, and subsequently pilfered from my plate. I got kicked if I didn’t share.
  • Escolar pôché au Pastis – Pernod and chamomile poached escolar, carrots, fennel, fava beans, buttermilk fried onions, red peppers, in parsley oil. I like fish, took the above mentioned theft personally, and finished this off.
  • Wind Up

  • Sandeman Founders Reserve Port and Johnny Walker Black scotch – the port was fine, but next time I’ll stick to a single malt.
  • Blueberry Lavender Napoleon – whipped lemon creme fraiche, fresh blueberry compote, crispy phyllo. Tart and refreshing.
  • Dark Chocolate, Orange Scented Bavarian – tropical fruit, dark chocolate curls, port reduction. Chocolate is a favorite, and this one was built for two. My partner-in-crime took advantage of that situation, again.
  • Conclusion

    pbrThe locale was the outdoor patio at Denver’s Bistro Vendôme, and our host for the evening was Leah (a stupendous gal). And while I’m going back to burgers and PBR after this (return thy heathen), I figure if folks can play Roger Ebert over YouTube videos I can pretend I’m the Claude Lebey of the Denver fine dining scene. The entire experience was fabulous. The only bad part about all this is I’m probably going to get hassled to learn how to cook all this myself some time in the near future, and I’m short next semester’s tuition to the French Culinary Institute.

    Happy birthday, dog.


    Mandianne says:

    What!? A birthday party without us!!!!! And here you describe in somewhat detail how fabulous it was!!!! Harrrumph! (Many happy returns to a fab dog in any case).

    The Professor says:

    How come I wasn’t invited to Jackson’s birthday party? So I can walk him and attend to other dog matters whilst you are off smooching trout but I can’t share a glass of 03 Chateau La Haye to celebrate his birthday! ……. pisch I say

    james says:

    how do u like the school?

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