Saving ‘Sea Kittens’ One Guide Provided Cartoon At A Time

Scott Carles (a.k.a. Cutthroat Stalker) recently pointed us to a new study that says fish feel pain. I’m not sure who gave out the grant money to quantify and publish this information, but I’ve got all kinds of inside dope I’m willing to disclose if it means a little cash. I’ll even mash together some statistical analysis that proves what everyone else already knows is in fact a fact. Just pay me.

Of course fish feel pain, but that squirm or croak you hear pre-release shouldn’t be mistaken for killing, and if you handle the fish right you can both shorten/inhibit the fish’s ill feeling and give it an undeniable chance at survival going forward. I’m sure everyone who has spent a decent amount of time on the water has caught a fish with another fly in its mouth – that’s proof that fish can be released to fight another day, and without going on some kind of fast.

Scott also asked for everyone to throw in their two cents regarding fish, pain, and catch and release – he’s trying to develop an intelligent rebuttal to PETA’s inevitable abuse resultant from the ‘study.’ IQ and fly fishing prowess don’t necessarily go hand in hand – regarding your author you can immediately throw both out the window. So I’ll shoot for perspicuity, in cartoons borrowed from the now retired Emo Guide Service:

Fish Are Happy With Their Insides In

Fish Drown Out Of Water, So Get ‘Em Back In It

Fish Aren’t Your Dog’s Squeeze Toys

Lay Fish Down Nice, Like Back In The Water

Additional wisdom from Emo can be found here.

MG signing off (to learn how to draw like Emo)


Excellent! The most thought-provoking, intelligent, dare I say, elegant, response to the whole deal.

I must say the Emo site was a revelation. Especially Emo’s Guide Service! LMAO!

He forgot “punch every fish in the face that doesn’t eat my fly.” Oh wait…. were being nice here, my bad.

If you can’t join ’em, beat ’em.

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