Teaching your kid to fish

parksfirstfish035Fly rods are unwieldy for small children, but you can always hand ’em a Lightning McQueen:

Normally I wouldn’t go out of my way to catch some stocked fish, but today was different. Today I was on a mission to break the cherry on a pretty sweet rod. That’s right my son’s Lightning McQueen Rod, an Easter gift from his Pop.

The accompanying pictorial drama is enough to make any angler want to introduce their kid to fishing. Way to go Urban Fly Fisher!

(h/t @roughfisher)


We love to see kids fishing. Check out the podcast on Fishexplorer.com – Tyler Befus, 11 year old fly fishing master!

Get more kids fishing, and less T.V.!

Wow, Thanks a lot for your comment and post.

Tom – the thanks all go your way. Awesome story.

Stocked fish are a great thing for kids. I just stocked our pond so the kids can catch a ton of ’em.

Now me on the other hand… wild cutthroat in Idaho’s Frank Church Wilderness.

Agreed. I’m trying to get a buddy of mine to introduce his kids to life on the fly, at some similar local area water. The only issue seems to be finding adequate gear for 6 to 10 year olds.

Jimmy Holt says:

Some of my best memories are from when I was a kid fishing with my dad. I hope my 12 year old son will be able to say the same thing when he is grown and has a family of his own. Every man should take his kids fishing, it doesn’t matter if it is on a beautiful mountain stream fishing for Browns, a Central Fl lake fishing for lunker Largemouths or the Gulfstream fishing for Mahi or a Sailfish. It is all memories a kid will NEVER forget!!


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