Time, place and other vitals withheld to protect the guilty

redfishatdawnI feel pretty fortunate as this fishing season has cranked up. I’ve simply had a load of fun so far. But spring has not been without it’s minor disappointments. A fishing trip I eagerly anticipated was left high and dry due to an accomplice’s last minute scheduling conflicts, and a second slated to take its place fell victim to the same from a different partner-in-crime.

It’s always darkest before the dawn (side note: the fishing is often full tilt around the same time). And as it turns out, an old and dear friend rang today. One I’d lost touch with quite a while back, and one I’ve spent countless days on the water with. We’re talking old like BMX bicycle transport and dear like full heads of hair dear. And while we did some catching up (no pun intended…really), the conversation quickly turned to something like this…

Hey Grace, I read your blog. Good stuff…see you’re still fishing. Listen, I found this place where the redfish are thick as thieves. Never another boat in sight. I see you’re heavy on the trout…but you can still cast a nine, eh? I can get you inside fifty feet, on huge schools tailing without a care in the world. All day long I tell ya’. Last weekend we knocked off 18 in just a few hours. You interested?

This particular person is, without a doubt, one of the finest anglers I have ever known. We fished together in grade school. I quit the junior high soccer team because he told me the fishing was other-worldly, and I just had to be there. I had no regrets about that move – it was the spring to which all other springs have been compared since. Few have even come close.

The answer was obvious.

In the not too distant future I must disappear. Ticket in hand, to a point sworn secret. Chase a fish that fights like a carp (or visa versa, depending on your own perspective). One I know…tastes better blackened.

MG signing off (to stretch some saltwater tapers)


Jimmy Holt says:

Grace, I remember the times very well and think about them often. I also look forward to your trip down and catching a nice 10 pound Red on a nine. Should be a fun trip.


Matt Dunn says:

I must disappear to a point sworn secret.

Everything tastes better blackened.

@JHH – Nice. Got TS’s pic too. You folks are on fire!

@Matt – I highly recommend it.

@CA – Agreed, although I’ll probably never try blackened carp (particularly from the South Platte).

Tracy Smith says:

Hey Mike! Haven’t talked to you since u ditched me in Gainesville 20 years ago. Jimmy and I caught 38 redfish the other day (sucks we only could keep 2) and got stuck in the mud for 4 hours until the tide came in. Awesome day, but a bad one to run out of beer!! Your website is quite impressive. Nice to see your face.

My mistake…not 18, but 38. Wow!

Good to hear from you Ms. Smith. Will see you folks soon.

Rob says:

What is the EXACT spot that guy caught all of those reds.?….Hahahahahaha

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