Get ready for the South Platte Pro-Am Carp Slam

Dave Coulson of Fish Explorer talks carp, in the Fort Collins Coloradan:

Carp get big, frequently exceeding 2 feet and 10 pounds. Much bigger fish are not uncommon. They are such strong and determined fighters that I use them as a warm-up for my redfish trips. These Colorado redfish have trashed more of my tackle than any other fish.

South Platte Pro-Am Carp SlamI’m glad Dave noted that he uses carp fishing as a warm-up for trips after our fine spotted tail friends. It’s a good idea, but I’ve got one better…how about using your upcoming redfish trip as a warm-up for the South Platte Pro-Am Carp Slam?!

What the hell is a carp slam?

Glad you asked. The South Platte Pro-Am Carp Slam is a fly fishing tournament held each year right here in Denver. This year the contest is August 22nd, and the target is the Colorado redfish, or common carp. The tournament takes place on various portions of the South Platte River, in and around the downtown area.

There’s a good purpose too – proceeds from the Carp Slam go to rehabilitating the South Platte River directly below Chatfield Reservoir as what else…a trout fishery. Hosted by Denver Trout Unlimited, the Carp Slam is now in it’s third year. And now that the South Platte River is a famous brownlining haunt (thanks to the Wall Street Journal) the folks putting on the event are expecting quite a show. In competitions past, big carp have been had, but there have been a few surprises too, including this piggy trout bagged by Dzifa Glymin right near REI. It’s proof positive Denver Trout Unlimited is on the right track with this effort.

If you’re a fly fisher itching for some tough fights against tough fish, as well as a shot at shutting loudmouths such as myself up for eternity  until next year’s Teva Mountain Games  for at least ten seconds, I suggest you get signed up now.


Think you are a great Carp Fisherman? This is a chance to prove it against the best including the God Father of Carp Fishing with a Fly, Barry Reynolds. Hope to see you there.

Gracie is going to fish it in a Cape and a 100 Gallon Hat. Can’t wait to watch it!

I will be there, oh yes… in one fashion or another, I will be there.

James says:

I’m especially looking forward to the Hobo-Hotdog eating contest. You are entering…right Gracie?

@Tim – Why are you spilling the beans on my costume? Now I’ve got to rent a gorilla suit.

@FGA – In body or in spirit, you are welcome (and needed).

@Snyder – Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Carla says:

Sounds like a fun event. I love the name.

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