Packing the backcountry survival kit

And when I say backcountry, I don’t mean anywhere near the Rocky Mountains…

Backcountry survival kit

Adiós muchachos y muchachas.

Editor’s note: the bright yellow box is full of…uh…sunscreen.


tom says:

Wheres the 870 Marine? I dont go on a boat in that freaking state without at least a shottie, a sidearm, and 500 rds for each. An AR if I’m felling more than my usual paranoid self. Your lack of paranoia channeled into the possesion of firearms is staggering my friend. Don’t be another victim of maritime violence, pack the RPG’s.

You keep forgetting I actually have friends in that freaking state. And while I’m probably the most dangerous living creature within a 100 mile radius whenever I’m bc-ing it, we’ll probably roll with XM8s in auto config. Like I said, I have friends 😉 .

backcountry? don’t forget lube.

Tom says:

Keep telling yourself that guy. My bet is, the only reason those “friends” tolerate you is the [REDACTED]. Thats the only reason I tolerate you. Muah. See ya when you get back big fella.

tom says:

You redacted a word from my previous comment citing that is “family friendly”. I’d like to argue the point that YOU (your person), are not family friendly, I don’t want you anywhere near my family. And if I posted a poll on the blog by the name of….WOULD YOU WANT THIS MAN ANYWHERE NEAR YOUR WIFE, CHILDREN, OR FAMILY?, the general feedback would support my feelings on this matter. That is all.

@FGF – There is no “backcountry” in Colorado. Remember that.

@tom – You are an angry man. A very angry man.

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