Post Number 2,500

I started blogging roundabout January 2005. Between my old personal blog Thoughtmarket (which opined on all things finance and technology), my internet security blog Spamroll, and the latest incarnation/combination now heavily swayed towards something I know even less about, fly fishing, this would be post number two-thousand five-hundred.

I’ve earned no fame, and no fortune. I’ve surely pissed a few people off, but thank goodness I’m not yet burned out.

Let the woefully misinformed goodness continue.


Congratulations, Michael. There’s an awful lot to be said for persistence, especially when it comes to putting your ideas out there.

Much appreciated Marshall. Persistence? Yep. Consistency? Maybe not, but that’s ok too. I’ve learned a lot by allowing interests to gel on these pages and lead me where they may. Frankly, it’s been fun, and that’s the only reason I still do it.

Matt Dunn says:

Congratulations Michael. That’s a long time blogging. If your blog fell in the forest, I would hear it.

Thanks Matt. This blog has been through numerous iterations, including several different platforms, widgets (and then no widgets), multiple sidebars (and back to one), as well as multiple blogs with different subject matter (only to wind up all getting consolidated here). I found the simplest worked best for me, but each time I look at fishbeer I think about how lucky you are to have figured that out on the first pass.

May your air always be hot, and your wind never be without length.

Matt Dunn says:

Michael, thanks, but it wasn’t my first pass. I had a custom blog back in 2004 that was truly awful, which has since been lost to the hard drives of old computers, and a blogspot blog since March 2005 which is so embarrassing to go back and read that I almost delete the thing every day.

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