The Flyfish Journal, on film maker RA Beattie, on carp

They may be trash fish, but boy do they swarm when you show up with a bucket of bread balls pocket full of red San Juans. The Flyfish Journal quizzes RA Beattie about filming, and carp.

Carp on The Flyfish Journal

Those goldfish are damn photogenic too, eh?

Editor’s note: The picture above was blatantly pilfered from the pages of The Flyfish Journal, proving that on the interwebs it’s much easier to ask for forgiveness after the fact than permission beforehand. Providing some [sarcastic] credit and then keeping your fingers crossed never hurts either.


James says:

Ok, something wrong here…The water is way too clear for Carp and there are no visible turds milling around. You either jacked that pic from some asian dudes Dinner-Tank-Aquarium, or I smell some photoshoppin foolery here.

Good job, bitch.

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