Trading places, fly fishing style (UPDATED)

There was a time when I lived in a place with few fly fishing opportunities. So I spent a lot more time traveling, often collecting gear in advance I wound up not using. Where I live now there is plenty to offer, and while I’m not opposed to travel I know I’ve barely scratched the surface close to home. With that in mind I’d like to do some trading, preferably flies for flies. Here’s what I’ve got in inventory (click on any pic for a bigger view)…

Big Deceivers with tandem hook option Tube flies and rigs

Poppers in various colors and sizes Miscellaneous teasers/lures

From top left: 1) Big deceivers (2/0) in a couple of different colors; wired for tandem hook rig, and includes an additional hook; 2) 5X tube flies in chartreuse and pink/white; includes 4 X 4/0 tandem hook rigs (wire/shock); 3) Poppers (2/0 & 2) in various colors/materials; and 4) some miscellaneous lures and teasers, the latter of which work great for getting roosters to the beach (with the hooks off, of course).

Everything is new. If you’re interested in any of these flies/etc. let me know in the comments, along with what you’d like to trade for. Leave a valid email with your comment and I’ll ping you back right away. You can also contact me directly here if you like. As for what I’m looking for? Easy…Stacked Blondes, Cougars, and Sex Dungeons (what else does a guy need?). Of course, staples such as buggers, princes, RS2s, WD40s, chronomids, etc. cause less pain, and I’d love a pile of black conehead rubber buggers too.

Happy trading.

UPDATE: About a dozen poppers are gone.


Don’t do it! Gracie’s got his popper’s bugged with spyware.

Ignore the naysayers! Those poppers kick schoolie dorado ass no matter what kind of obscure, seemingly well organized radio waves they might emit.

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