Deadly spoons or fancy fine art

It wasn’t until I glanced at the receipt that I thought these small spoons might be less than the proprietor of the fly shop made them out to be. They were called downright deadly for redfish, but at twelve bucks apiece I knew I should have said I lived in New Smyrna Beach instead of Denver.


Are they red drum killers, or just some fancy fine art I got suckered into? Sadly, I won’t have a chance to test them until my next visit – we got shut out by severe storm warnings today, and I’m headed home in the morning.

Bonus for you: my salty report will be a day shorter!


Kory says:

I remembered this weekly fly video when I saw your post….may save you a little money at 12 bucks a pop……

tom says:

I’m telling you man, If you would have lied and told those guys you were from Tampa, Those spoons would have been 6.99 a pop. LIE NEXT TIME!

@Kory – Good call – thanks for the link.

@tom – I know, I know.

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