Epilogue: Thoughts on fly fishing with a Fat Guy, and fly fishing itself

While I only had the opportunity to fly fish with one of the Fat Guys, I did get to drink with two of them. Alex concluded best in his account…”it would be really funny to go sit on Kyle’s passed out head.” So you all know how the partying turned out. And while the fishing was good by almost any objective standard Alex didn’t convey precisely how incredible it was, at least from this angler’s point of view.

For someone who has fished the targeted water for a sum total month and a half of his life (at least), I consider it one of the best days ever. The fishing itself was off-the-wall, but the camaraderie made it all the more special. We walked, we talked, and we laughed an awful lot. There were many a high five throughout the day, as unselfish fishermen tossed their rods at the drop of a hat and scrambled to net each other’s takes. Landeen the photographer was there to record for posterity the anticipation, the excitement, the unbridled joy. It doesn’t get much better.

All smiles on the water
Alex captures the essence of fly fishing…having fun

For me, fly fishing isn’t just about the rod and reel, the feel of the cast, the occasional (or in this case, constant) hook sets and fights, and the netting of fish. It’s about days like we had, and it’s the main reason I rarely fish alone. I don’t get quite the same enjoyment fishing just for the sake of it, and thanks to guys like Alex Landeen (and Nate Taylor) I’m reminded of why.


The Professor says:

Well Mr Gracie, I am supremely bummed that I could not join you and the other fat guys on this fishing oddesey. Spending the weekend prepping for a presentation which I have just completed …… well the hard yards have paid off. Whislt the deal is not done we are well positioned. The sacrifices one has to make to earn a buck. ……. I’m off to NYC for a week …. any carp in Central Park?

We will note for the record the use of the term “you and the other fat guys” and consider the compliment received.

Sounds like a great time MG. That’s a nice picture.

Well said Sir.

Unfortunately I am damned to fish alone during most of this summer. A few fall trips are planned with some buddies, so I cant wait to have some comrades of my own.

Great picture

I wake up at 4 am says:

I’m ready for gray reef…who’s with me?

@Scott – It certainly was. You’re welcome to join in anytime you like too.

@MFB – Thank you. Yea..compadres certainly add to the fishing experience, at least as long as they don’t eat too many breakfast burritos before the drive out. PS: Alex is a badass behind the camera for sure.

@Sleepless In Colorado – Good luck, if that’s where you’re headed. The Reef is a spring fishery for me, but I’m sure the float would be good now (it was pretty murky downstream when I was last there). The Mile should be picking up steam, and there are more of those long-snouted browns in that section too.

I actually fish alone quite a bit and enjoy the solitude. I love fishing with friends and my brothers, too, but have no problem at all if it’s just me and the fish. Sometimes even they don’t show up.

“To each his own,” my grandmother used to say. Maybe I should try it more often, then I can be loud and obnoxious on the river all by myself.

“Sometimes even they don’t show up.” – Brilliant.

Sounds like an epic day! Great pics – keep ’em coming. 🙂

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