Fly Fishing: The solution to the U.S. economic crisis AND global warming

Bamboo forestWe all know that fly fishing industry is but a tiny portion of the trillions in annual GDP. But it’s about to become a much bigger piece of the pie:

Bamboo has come into vogue as a green, sustainable resource that’s used for everything from cutting boards to clothing to wood floors. But until now, almost all of the bamboo in products sold here has come from overseas. That could change soon, as new planting techniques may lead to millions of new acres of bamboo shoots in the American South.

Cloning homegrown structural building components that are stronger than steel? In America’s deep south? Sounds like cotton ginning turned casting competitions. A revolution built on the power and precision elegance of bamboo fly rods is just what America needs to kickstart the ailing economy.

If you think it’ll be an impossible task to get the 290 million people in the US who don’t fly fish out on the water with a $1,400 rod, think again. This intrepid reporter just found out that the government is prepared to distribute  kinda, sorta thinking about giving  might, in the far distant future, debate the concept of coughing up carbon credits to anyone who invests in some feelgood fly casting equipment. You’ll be able to sell those credits on the Chicago Climate Exchange, and under cap and trade legislation presently before Congress credits are limited, as rock solid a guarantee if there ever was one that they’re sure to appreciate in value.

Save the world and line your pockets with big cap gains. Act now!

MG signing off (to plant, harvest, cast, and be rich)

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