Keeping secrets and wearing track shoes when it comes to small creek fly fishing

mysterycreekbrownSaturday we happened upon a small creek. It didn’t look like much from the road, and while bush bashing down to it we realized the terrain was more rugged than it looked from afar too. There were large animal tracks everywhere, adding the additional element of spooky danger to the venture. Down by the water, we assumed there was a few hours of small fish opportunities ahead of us. Little did we know we’d be spending an entire day chasing broad-shouldered browns with 6X tippets and dry flies dressed like clowns.

On the way home I pondered how this tiny water could hold such fish. The place in question is not on any credible maps, and no mention of it exists anywhere on the interwebs. Perusing satellite imagery, I noted legal access was sparse – this mysterious water is bordered by and/or running through private property on some sections, and by or through even more adventurous terrain on others. Safe, secure parking exists nowhere. And then there’s the moose.

Our friendly neighborhood small stream mooseWe actually ran into one of those crazy beasts during the backtrack. It was one of my colleagues that first bumped into it, and as he let out a few yells the monstrosity went charging through the brush and right towards lucky me. I heard it coming just seconds before making eye contact – a big bull if there ever was one, across the water from me and no more than fifty feet away.

I made like Usain Bolt, horizontally to its position and mine, and in the opposite direction of its projected movement. My sprint, directly through the creek, was later described as walking on water – moving so fast my feet looked like they weren’t touching the stream bed below. I was never renown for my forty-yard dash times while playing organized sports, but yesterday I found myself extraordinarily fleet of foot. Photographic evidence of the encounter further proves my lightning speed – I was nowhere in sight while the third man in our crew was snapping pics of the fun with the fine furry friend from the safety of the ridge above.

To my knowledge there are at least five human beings on Planet Earth that can identify this mysterious creek, but there is only one person who can run fast enough to fish it again, and next time I’ll be wearing track shoes.


CW Mark says:

Damn, were Alex and Kyle there too? The mental picture of all three of you guys running is almost too much to bear…..

They weren’t, and thank goodness. I’m certain they would have wanted to get a closer look, and I doubt anyone would have wanted to carry one of them up the ridge.

Alex arrives tomorrow, and we won’t be doing any moose watching!

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