Preview: What happens when you go fly fishing with Fat Guys (UPDATED)

A preview of Alex Landeen…

Alex's Rainbow

A preview of Michael Gracie…

Gracie's Brown

Read the whole shebang at Fat Guy Fly Fishing (when Alex gets around to it).

UPDATED: Alex is nowhere near as lazy as I thought!


Holy buckets of fish Fatman, those are some trout! Nicely done gents.

We even threw uh…er…umm…dry flies! Of course, there were stimies involved and they don’t actually hatch, so maybe it doesn’t count. 😉

Hey, if it floats on top of the water, it’s a dry. I’ve even had a few takes on an indicator, so that counts as a dry too. Oops…I mean, back in the day *before* …ahem… I became an elitist, purest, snobby dry fly type guy. That would never happen now (only because now my indicator is a stimulator)…hey, wait a minute…you said stimies were “involved.” What exactly was their involvement level? Was anything “dropping” from them? Full disclosure.

Really Michael, those are some healthy looking specimens (and I’m not talking about the hands holding the fish).

In the interest of full disclosure…it was stimulators with trailing caddis emergers, up top. I’d say 80% of my takes were juvenile rainbows pounding the emerger the moment it hit the water. A couple of chunkier fish took the stimy, and that happened primarily in light riffles. The bigger guys started eating after the hatch turned off, and we found most of them hunkered down in heavier riffs.

Nate gets hero status for spotting several of my finer hookups from the far banks, and Alex really [really really] knows how to work that camera of his (man I wish I had his eye). The day will certainly be ingrained in our personal history books – for the particular stretch it was the best day I’d ever seen. Mucho grande fun time.

Man, I need to find some new friends to fish with. I am clearly not taking advantage of all the fishing this land has to offer.

Great looking fish. BTW, I added you to my Blogroll. Honestly, I thought I had months ago seeing as how I read your stuff daily. Sorry for the delay mate, I’ll throw a post your way soon.

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