Carp Slam Countdown and Competitors

This Saturday, August 22, 2009 is the day. As in three days away.

I’ve gotten a least a dozen calls about Carp Slam today, most of which revolve around making appointments to take a look at my fly boxes, and the remaining hoping I would add yet more sponsor logos to the Carp Slam site (damn you Emery!). All of the former requests were immediately denied, and the latter completed forthwith. There are a ton of sponsors on board, and the folks I’ve talked to are majorly hyped up about the event. Heck, the tourney even made the CBS Evening News!

Here is the lineup…

Carp Slam Competitors

A fine group of competitors, and all but one has a chance at winning some serious prize money come Saturday.

Maps designating the event beats best place to view the event can be found here, and don’t forget to wear your gorilla suit to the post game party!

MG signing off (to apply liberal amounts of AquaSeal to his…uh…nevermind)


Gracie, without you help we would be lost on the web! Thanks for all the help!!!! I can’t wait to see the 50 gallon hat on the Platte. I heard you had the secret weapon fly in your box. Didn’t I give you one?

Everybody else, the maps on the site are the best place to view the event. They are only 5 of the beats. The rest of the beats will be handed out on Friday at Fuel Cafe!!!!

See ya all on Fri. or Sat.


tom says:

Whats the deal with Frank S? Is he so [REDACTED] important you cant use his last name!?! Frank Smetherst is a douchebag. There….I said it. And SLB flyfishing will have t-shirts saying exactly that available for purchase at FFR. Contact tom teasdale at 720-319-2367 for inquires. A limited number of these shirts will be available for sale. Reserve yours soon. Also available will be a black T-shirt with the phrase…..”Landon Mayer, Hold my big brown trout”, with a big poop below it.

Oh, the anger! Part of the “winning through intimidation” playbook? 😉

tom says:

Please, that guy is a trout fisherman. He’s also one of those guys that goes to the salt a couple times a year and touts himself as a salt angler. You and I both know if you don’t live it, your a [REDACTED] poser. Weren’t you slamming roosters in Cabo when Frank was in diapers? I’m gonna win by out-fishing him. No intimidation needed. And yes, in a general manner of speaking…..I’m an angry dude.

James says:

Wow, Teasdale…So much angst for a young fella:)

I hope we fish together and we can talk shit about everybody, like we do best!

Good times, Good vibes!

Ken says:

Hmmmmm, Tom “tease”dale,,,,,, thinks he knows everything about fly fishing. What a fag. He sure talks a lot of shit for such a young punk.

tom says:

Michael Gracie……..I Love You!

Ken says:

Well “tease” dale, I guess you didn’t do so well in the tournament. For a guy who “lives” the dream, you really do suck! I would have thought that you would have outfished everyone. Oh well, I guess you are a poser.

UPDATE: I was notified that two competitor’s names from the list were misspelled. It should be Paul Cownie and Tyler Stuart. Please don’t shoot the messenger…and I’ll do the apologizing.

slavetotheflyrod says:

I’d be careful what you say Ken, Tom can [REDACTED] a guy like you all by himself. I’ve also heard he can quadruple haul while shotgunning a PBR. Be afraid…. Be very afraid.

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