Luck of the draw for Carp Slam

Carp Slam 2009I could pontificate about countdown, but the Carp Slam is less that 12 hours away. I’m presently sitting at Primal Fly headquarters, shooting the bull with the lovely Erin Sessanna and relishing in my luck, again.

I don’t have full details of the pairings, but I do know this: I’m fishing with the one, the only, Barry Reynolds. Barry is da’ man (even when I’m around), having literally written the book on carp on the fly. I couldn’t be happier with this draw. We have tough beats above 104th Street in the morning (which means small fish) but pulled Oxford Avenue for the afternoon, which is home to a pile of 30+ pounders.

In other news, Primal Fly thugs James Snyder and Tom Teasdale are fishing together. And they also drew Florida Avenue for the afternoon – it’s their home stomping ground. There has been some backoffice debate as to what sexual favors flies were traded for this.

It’s going to be an exciting day. Now, if we could only get the grill started.

PS: A number of anglers are in rare form as we speak, declaring victory and asking that the rest of us to simply not show up. I’m quietly typing.


I wake up at 4 am says:

let tom be aware i will be paying him a visit in the afternoon…

tom says:

Yea…..I missed that appointment…….or should I say you missed that appontment. Huh… But as most of my friends know, anybody who makes and unscheduled appointment with me also gets to meet Stella….my Para 1911… HAHAHAHAHA

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